About Our Series

"Ridding the world of douchebags one pet peeve at a time!"

It started out like any other typical Tuesday. The coffee was boiling, teeth were being brushed and our two unsuspecting heroes, Gerty and Conse were getting ready for their mundane day jobs. The two have been the best of friends since childhood and have tackled everything from sandbox bullies to loved ones dying.  


 Shortly after saying goodbye to one another that morning both women found themselves bombarded by extremely annoying situations with ridiculously rude people, “WTF?!” they mused to themselves, but chalked it up to Mercury being in retrograde.  As they went about their day, they thought they knew exactly what to expect- traffic, meetings, and small talk with co-workers. But little did they know that later on that night, everything in their lives would be forever changed by a seemingly benign “decision”.


Upon arriving home, the two discussed their grueling days while unwinding with some vino and catching the nightly news. Suddenly a story grabbed their attention, and they listened astutely about a horrendous citizen on the loose. They decided enough was enough, and something had to be done! The two devised a fool-proof plan; they would take matters into their own hands and rid the city of inconsiderate people starting with the nightly news douche. 


  After a few successful missions of ridding their hometown of its inconsiderate citizens, Conse and Gerty become local heroes finding themselves in the spotlight. However, not everyone relishes in fames bright lights. They quickly discover that the more they soar as crime fighters, the more their personal lives go down in flames.


THEN just when they start to question their vigilante status, an old trusted mentor mysteriously comes back into their lives enlightening them to a secret centuries old war. This mentor reveals a mission that has been bestowed upon them since birth. The balance of good versus evil now lies in their freshly sanitized hands. Will they be able to live up to their destiny?